Blogging for business: 5 more tips

Previously I have provided 5 tips for new business bloggers that covered the basics. This post provides a bit more to think about once you are up and running.

1. Make use of tags and categories

If you are blogging on WordPress you will have both tags and categories to attach to each blog post. Blogger calls them labels. Use all of these to tag your article with relevant words. Check out what the popular tags are, in case they are relevant. This enables your article to be categorised and found when readers are searching for content.

2. Always include an image

Striking images attract attention. Use this to your advantage and always include at least one image per blog post. Not only will it aid readability but the image will be used when you promote your blog article (more on that later). Be careful about image rights – only use images you have paid for or are royalty free.

bloggers graphic

3. Use headings

Headings help to break up paragraphs of text, enable the reader to scan read and also allow you to emphasise key points. Headings should be in bold and separated from the body text by a line break. Furthermore, if you are able to use ‘Heading’ tags (H1, H2 etc.) this adds to your search engine optimisation as Google recognises the H tags as important text.

4. Include your search terms

To enable your post to be easily found by readers and on search engines you need to ensure that your key words are repeated often enough (but not too often!). So, if your post is about blogs, ensure that the word ‘blog’ appears in the title, intro paragraph and closing paragraph as a minimum. Be careful to ensure that the readability of your post is not compromised by over-peppering the copy with keywords.

5. Always spellcheck!

Spelling and grammar still matter to most people. Write your blog in Word or similar first and check spelling and grammar before you publish. Avoid US English spellings if your blog is aimed primarily at the UK market as it undermines your authenticity. The tone of voice you project is also important as it must appeal to your target audience.

My next post on blogging will concentrate on publicising your blog posts, which is perhaps even more important as the act of blogging itself. Good luck with your blogging!


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