Christmas advertising that stinks

Now that Christmas advertising is back on the TV with a vengeance it reminds me of one of my pet hates about this time of year. The topic of today’s blog is perfume advertising, which makes my blood boil for its unending mediocrity and pomposity.

How many ads for fragrance involve dewy-eyed ladies wafting around in floaty dresses, curtains billowing at windows, ending in an embrace with a strong handsome stranger? Failing that, let’s go for the black and white party scene where everyone is an individual, unique in their choice of fragrance. Oh, don’t forget the breathy mysterious voiceover – perfect! Here’s one from Brad Pitt and Chanel No 5 – what the heck are you talking about Brad?

Christmas baublesNow, clearly perfume is a lifestyle product, that touch of luxury we can all afford despite the economic downturn. It’s a safe gift item, especially as a treat at Christmas. Advertising for that sector relies on the emotional sell, giving us an insight into how it might feel to be part of that dream. The best-selling scents are celebrity endorsed – Lady Gaga, or James Bond for me, or long standing brands like Chanel or YSL. With the women’s fragrance market worth £840.10m (an increase of 4.7% yoy) and literally thousands of perfumes vying for attention in the stores, its a confusing choice for the shopper.

In a crowded market it is essential that you create stand-out. So why is all their advertising so predictable? How we are meant to be convinced that this is THE perfume for that special person in your life?

With such big budgets for TV ads, surely the creatives can come up with something different to tempt us to try their brand this Christmas?


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