Perfect business names are difficult to find

I spent many an hour trying to find the perfect name for my new business. As well as moments of inspiration I also suffered lots of frustration, when I found that my ‘original’ idea had already been taken.

Of course the company name doesn’t have to be the same as your brand or trading name, but in my case I wanted them to be one and the same. It’s important that the name you use to promote your business represents your vision and philosophy.

There are of course different approaches and trends to brand naming, from the traditional family name ‘Warburton’s bread’, through to the local ‘Nottinghamshire building society’– there’s no doubt what they do and which local market they serve.

There’s also been a strong trend in recent years for the ‘does what it says on the tin’ variety – you only need to think of ‘’ or ‘’, and you already have a strong idea of what they can offer. This space is now quite crowded, particularly for financial products as have to compete with and and try to differentiate in that space.

The abstract has grown as a naming style, sometimes down to the lack of availability of domain names – and spring to mind. The challenge there of course is that you need a sizable marketing budget to first explain to people what your product or service is before you even get going.  Orange mobile have succeeded where others have failed, and we now accept a name that at the time caused many puzzled faces.

Humour is great in names, but can be limiting as not everyone gets the same humour.  Every campers favourite product the ‘ploo!’ had to diversify from its original product name once it realised that campers with young children weren’t keen to have the name visible (I’ll let you look it up!).

Having worked with branding agencies in the past I know that the temptation to have a quirky name can be strong, but a name that reflects the benefits the company can offer is already working hard for the business.

As many obvious terms are taken it is harder to find a name that is still available via Companies House, where the Domain name is available and social media presence (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIN, Twitter) is not already taken. Always undertake a simple Google search, as you never know who has taken the name as a trading name, even if it is not their registered company name.

So, back to my choice of company name. I hope it conveys my main service – marketing audit – which is all about reviewing current plans and market presence and proposing a fresh approach. The name also plays to my strength and passion for digital marketing – refreshing your browser is now such adopted language that we barely recognise it as a digital term, but at the same time has the benefit of longevity, which many faddish terms may not.

Despite the difficulties in finding and securing an appropriate brand name, the best brands are always underpinned by a clear and easily understood proposition.


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